Here is the schedule for Hack3 2020! All times are in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4). Click here for a converter to your local timezone.

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If you've missed any of the events below, recordings will also be posted within a few hours of the event to our YouTube channel. Take a look if anything interests you!

Saturday, July 11
12:00 pm Mandatory Opening Ceremony Begins
1:00 pm Hacking Begins
1:00 pm Workshop: Introduction to Computer Science
Jonathan Lei, General Director at Hack3
1:30 pm Organizer Chat: Ask all your questions after settling down
Hack3 Organizers
2:00 pm Workshop: How to build a chatbot with an Amazon Web Services engineer
Randy Moy, Amazon Web Services
2:00 pm Workshop: Java 1 - Introduction to Java
Software Techlead of Stormgears
3:00 pm Workshop: Java 2 - Build a calculator in Java
Software Techlead of Stormgears
4:00 pm Workshop: Java 3 - Advanced Java
Software Techlead of Stormgears
5:00 pm Workshop: How to collaborate on code projects with GitHub
Kevin Liu, Stanford University '24
6:00 pm Workshop: What is Cloud? Learn with an Amazon Web Services engineer
Suresh Sankar, Amazon Web Services
7:00 pm Workshop: Layman's Guide to Neural Networks
Shashank Sastry, Hack3 Organizer - Judging
8:00 pm Workshop: Build a cloud-connected AR/VR App in 15 minutes or less with an echoAR engineer
9:00 pm Workshop: Create a website with an experienced web freelancer
Sunday, July 12
10:00 am Workshop: How to Pitch Your Project
Vikram Anantha, co-instructor of KTBYTE Robotics' Advanced Club
12:00 pm Organizer Chat: Get assistance submitting projects
Hack3 Organizers
1:00 pm Judging Begins, Public Voting Begins
3:00 pm Judging Ends
3:30 pm Closing Ceremony Begins
4:00 pm Closing Ceremony Ends