Codefest for High School Students.

The world's largest hackathon for high school students in 2022.

This year, we hosted a 375-person event with over 20 industry professionals, sponsored by Amazon, Github, and Xylem!

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Hack3 2022 Recap

Hack3 2022 was a huge success.
We had over 375 participants from 54 countries! That means that now, over the past 3 years, we have now had more than one thousand Hack3 participants! This year, we also hosted 7 workshops with an additional pre-hackathon Intro to Computer Science course. If you want to view any of these workshops, you can find the recordings on our YouTube Channel.

Hack3 2022 Winners

1st Place

Depth Track Winner

Sci-Fi Track Winner
DeSo Bets

DeSo Bets
Water Track Winner

Best Beginner Project


You can find all the other amazing projects created at Hack3 here.

Welcome to Hack3.

Hack3 is a 24-hour global event where students "hack" together solutions to today's most pressing problems, network with other students, attend workshops, and receive feedback from judges. All 100% free.

Why come?

Need-Based Financial Assistance

We can help compensate internet, living expenses, and/or equipment costs incurred attending Hack3 to low-income U.S. attendees. Email us to apply.


Work with other like-minded high school students from around the world!

100% Free

Our sponsors' generous support enables you to attend for free!


Learn new things at workshops, and compete for tens of thousands of dollars of prizes!

Click here for our rules.

Keynote by Kevin Liu, Stanford '24 and Founder of Chord

12 PM EDT // 9 AM PDT on June 25, 2022

Kevin Liu is a co-founder of Chord, an app to improve introductions between friends. Chord has raised a $625,000 pre-seed round backed by the Neo Accelerator.

Just like you — yes, you, the potential Hack3 participant — Kevin participated in hackathons as a high school student. At hackathons, he turned ideas into prototypes. At Chord, he's turning a prototype into a company.

Kevin will talk about the lessons that he's learned along his journey during our opening ceremony (link in Slack).

Learn more about Kevin's work on LinkedIn, Twitter, or his personal site.

Free Intro to Hackathons Online Class

Haven't participated in a hackathon before and want to learn some introductory topics?
We're pleased to announce an online weeklong computer science introductory course supported by HELM Learning and Major League Hacking!

Computer-science classes teach you about algorithms. We will teach you to build products that you can submit to hackathons.

Date: June 20 to June 24, 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT // 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM PDT
Note: Recordings will be available for those who can't attend live

Some Topics Include:
- Intro to Computer Science
- Python Basics                     
- External APIs                      
- Databases                          
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... at Hack3 2021

Hack3 2021 was a blast. With hundreds of participants, 30+ industry professionals mentoring and judging, and 10+ workshops, participants experienced a truly amazing weekend. Our average participant surveys show 8.8/10 in overall satisfaction. This year, with numerous lessons learned, live judging, and backing from top tech companies Hack3 will be even better than before.

Our mission is to empower every high school student, regardless of socioeconomic status, build the change they want to see using technology.

Hack3 is a global online hackathon that aims to enable high school students to learn computer science, with a broader message of "everyone can code" targeting underrepresented demographics to improve diversity and inclusion of individuals in the computer technology space.

COVID-19’s effects have revealed great wealth inequalities in America’s communities. More than ever, marginalized and impoverished communities need opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty.

At Hack3, we believe that providing educational opportunities to learn computer science, one of the highest paying job sectors, is the solution.

We hope that by bringing students of all backgrounds together, we will be able to foster innovation, creativity, and create new lifelong friendships for hackers.

In 2021, we connected nearly three hundred fifty students of all skill levels, to build novel projects that positively impacted the world. Over one hundred attended our free classes led by industry professionals to learn new skills. Over twenty mentors lurked in our helpdesk to help participants when they needed help. Last year, our judges, mentors, and workshop instructors were affiliated with the likes of Stanford, Harvard, Amazon, NetApp, and Wikipedia.

With the lessons learned from 2021, we aim to host a competition consisting of over 350 participants, while targeting the underprivileged communities around the world. To help achieve our goal of providing a learning opportunity for everyone, we will be sponsoring internet access to those who need it to truly level the playing field for all.

2022's Hack3 Judges

Esteemed industry professionals from top companies, here to give you feedback and suggestions live.

Tanuj Tiwari

Tanuj Tiwari
Founder @ LiveTrucks

Rahul Sonwalkar

Rahul Sonwalkar
Founder @ LiveTrucks

Hamsalekha Venkatesh

Hamsalekha Venkatesh
Senior Software Engineer @ Redfin

Timofey Krestyanov

Timofey Krestyanov
Senior Android Developer @ Sberbank

Roman Khaitov

Roman Khaitov
Senior Data Scientist @ Magnit

Naman Badkul

Naman Badkul
Associate Engineer @ Nagarro

Ozan Ozbeker

Ozan Ozbeker
North America Regional Lead @ Xylem

Taras Baranyuk

Taras Baranyuk
Senior Data Scientist @ Bidease

Eric Sheen

Eric Sheen
Incoming Software Developer @ SkyWatch

Victor Cao

Victor Cao
Technology Collaboration & Partnership Manager @ Futurewei Technologies

Anton Yarkov

Anton Yarkov
Engineering Director and Principal Software Engineer in Banking team @ Access Softek

Matthew Alfieri

Matthew Alfieri
Senior Human Resources Business Partner @ Xylem

Fedor Yaremenko

Fedor Yaremenko
Senior Software Engineer @ Ultimeta

Pruthvi Shetty

Pruthvi Shetty
Full Stack Developer @ Antstack Inc

Debashis Das

Debashis Das
Principal Architect @ Amazon Web Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, join our Slack and ask a question in the #questions-and-answers channel.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where teams of people come together to design and build something involving a novel use of technology, usually centered around some theme.

What is Hack3?

Hack3 is a fun, 24 hour online hackathon made for high school students, both new and experienced. During this time, you will develop and present a project for cool prizes. Most importantly, you will learn new and useful skills that will help you on your computer science journey.

What will happen during Hack3?

Expect team building activities, workshops led by industry professionals, and fun mini competitions in addition to the competition!

Who should come to Hack3?

Any high school student! Now is the time to explore computer science if you are a beginner, and if you are experienced, you will be challenged

What should I bring?

Bring strong enthusiasm and energy! Read up on coding if you are a beginner, and remember to have a ready-to-go computer on June 26-27!

How much experience do I need?

No experience is needed! Anyone with an interest in computer science can come and participate.

How do I form a team?

We encourage you to form a team prior to Hack3, but we will host fun team formation activities too. Check out our #team-formation Slack if you need a team.

Are teams required?

No, they are optional but highly recommended! Collaborating will help you develop a better project when judging happens.

Are there prizes?

Yes! There are prizes for first, second and third (overall) place. In addition, we will have individual track winners. We have tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes!

Can I participate in multiple tracks?

No, you must choose one! They will be released on the day of the event.

How is the winner determined?

You will have 2-3 minutes to present to a remote panel of experienced judges, who will thoroughly examine your project and grade it based on creativity, technical excellence, and theme relevance.

If you have any other questions, please check out our Hacker's Guide here.

Hack3 Organizing Team

High school students from around the world. Email us at [email protected]

Lead Organizers


General Lead


Srinivas Sriram
General Lead


Amanda Sherman
Outreach Lead


Abhisar Anand
General Lead



Ryan Sun


Vidyut Suresh
General Volunteer


George Ji


Christopher Li


Mark Hu


Eric Sun


Madhu Balaji


Sahithi Alla

Hack3 Sponsors

Our sponsors' generous financial support makes Hack3 possible. If your company is interested, email us at [email protected]

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